onsdag 1 april 2009

Some other day, some other time

Dear friends, this post will be my last, at last for a while.

I will spend my days trying to find my way back to the life I once knew, the life that now lacks of the happiness I wish. I will still be reading your every post and maybe even leave a comment now and then.

A great struggle now awaits and I shall win.

Bye for now, we'll meet again soon :0)

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Faith sa...

Oh Ida, I know a bit of how you feel. I am so sorry that you are struggling so.

You will win.

Don't stop being creative in your life even if you are not posting. Your art is so beautiful.

If you ever need to talk, I check my email everyday. :)

Hugs to you. And I look forward to the time when you feel renewed and joyful again.

Love from Faith

Anonym sa...

You are in my thoughts and prayers

Jane sa...

It must be hard to live without the sun for so long in Sweden. I pray that God will shine His light into your life today!

Anonym sa...

I'm sad too see you go, I love your photos and I think that you do have a great talent, art is everthing it helps a lot, it helps be feel better about my life... Don't loose faith no matter what and take care my friend!!!

Good luck and I know will see you back sometimes

x x x

Pearl sa...

i hope you're joking.
cause if you're not, i'm flying over there and i'm going to make you tell me what's wrong.

Beatriz Kim sa...

Congratulations, Ida! It is a brave thing to do! For me, blogging is part of my plan to heal. For you...perhaps something else? Anyway, I have been depressed for 2 years...but things are finally getting better.

I am an Occupational Therapist with 12 years of experience. I'm working on a blog called Therapeutic Inspirations...you can find the link from any of my other blogs.

Anyone can leave a comment or question...and I will try to answer the question based on my education and experience. I've worked at Stanford University Hospital, Yale-New Haven Hospital, and many others.

I accept anonymous comments. People can also e-mail me, if the want complete anonymity.


So...I'm available...if you need words of encouragement!

Because you are taking such a strong step...your success is assured. Don't give up! Keep believing in yourself...you are stronger than you think.

Anonym sa...

Ta hand om dig, min fina vän!

Georgia B. sa...

I almost cried when I read this.
I identify with what you are saying.
I wish you the utmost happiness.
Did you know that I see it in your life already? Through your blog? I do. It's there. Don't forget that. But I understand. We will wait patiently for you to return. Keep taking your lovely pictures. You will be in my thoughts and prayers—even though I have never met you.

Incan sa...

Sköt om dej ordentligt och kom tillbaka när du känner att du orkar! Tänker på dej vännen min!!! Du vet var jag finns om du behöver mej!!! Varmaste kramen till dej

Pearl sa...

no. you can't be serious. :O :(

kendalee sa...

If it's better for you not to blog, then that's what you must do... I hope you find the happiness you seek!