söndag 30 november 2008

Two people in a hotel bar

It's saturday night in that smokey hotel bar, I see you sitting there across the room fingering on your glass. Is it whiskey perhaps or maybe gin? You are wearing that high button shirt and your hair is casually comed back.

I wonder if you know that I'm watching you from across the room, your every move, your every sip. I lurk in the shadows, carefully planning each move so my intentions won't be revealed right away. You seem tired, troubled somehow, I can smell your vulnerability all the way from here.

As if you could hear my thoughts your head moves in my direction. I pause and put down my glass. I drink water on the rocks since I'm afraid of getting misty-eyed. No one wants to be misty on a night like this.

You are a hunter, it's women you hunt and I am one of them, you just don't know it yet. So far I am just an observer from a corner of a bar and you a midnight stranger..

Petals smooth as silk

Reaching out

I have fallen in love with shadows.

I like it this way

I am safe when in your hands
loved and adored
never forgotten
lacking nothing, not even a
moonlit kiss,
everything is on it's place and
as it should be.

Your hand rests in mine so
peacefully, together we embrace the
stillness of night and you cuddle up a
little closer.

I like it this way, your hand in mine
the softness of your palms touching my
inner self, moving my heart to tears
of joy.

I really like it here.

lördag 29 november 2008


Some days are more fragile than others.

fredag 28 november 2008

The countdown begins

Snow covered streets,
decorated porches and
those overcrowded airports all
remind me of christmas time.

The smell of the tree and
how it fills the house,
the laughter of children that echoe
through the halls, all this
fills me with joy.

Stockings on the fireplace,
the wrapping of presents and
time spent in the kitchen,

the stillness
of christmas morning, all this
and so much more is only
weeks away.

Can you feel it too?
The peaceful easy feeling of christmas?

Tell me dear readers, what is YOUR favourite memory of christmas day?

Prayer and morning light

Snowed in

torsdag 27 november 2008

Life is sweet

I remember this summer afternoon. Me and a friend was out exploring with our cameras and my company wanted to take a picture of me. I usually don't pose in front of the camera but she talked me into it! My place is behind the lens, it's there I am the most comfortable. Anyway there we were, down by the lake, beside that beautiful house on that cool summer's afternoon.

I also recall all the warm summer mornings eating breakfast on the porch. How I miss these sweet moments!
Tell me dear readers, what do you miss the most at this very moment?

MISSING: inspiration

Oh my! I have lost my source of inspiration and my mind is blank. HELP!!! What do you do when your inspiration wanders away?

Tell me please! I need to hear it!

Lessons learned

I have learned a bitter lesson today

the signs were everywhere but I just
closed my eyes and kept on going
only to find myself
brokenhearted and
all alone at the end of the day.
Never again will I fool
myself this way.


onsdag 26 november 2008


A portrait of me and my closest friend! It's me on the right and Jenny's on the left.

How I treasure you dear friend!


Dear mom

I am writing to you here since I know you would never open the letter if I sent it to you by mail. 19 years have now pasted since you left our home with packed suitcaces to never look back. I was 5 then, a small little girl who who didn't knew much of the world. You left me to grow up without a mom, without any explantation or hint why you did what you did. In a blink of an eye you were gone.

If you only knew how bitter I feel at times, how angry and disapointed. I remember one time when I was visiting at the age of 7. You had moved a couple of miles away and I wanted to see you. I asked for a hug and you gave to me and then said: "is that enough, are you happy now?". My heart broke and even to this very day I feel the pain that pierced my heart that very night all those years ago. All I asked for was some love, some kindness but you were icecold. You had eyes black as the devil itself and that frightened me.

I was your firstborn, yout little girl who hadn't done anything wrong. I am mad at you mom and sometimes I really wish I could tell it to your face.

tisdag 25 november 2008

The lake


I love this song, I really do.

Even then

I remember this night when took my camera for a walk. It was early september and I went down here to think, to be alone. I sat for a long time watching afternoon become night and I took this picture.

I can still recall the stillness of that very night, how the sky changed it's colours at I sat there and how You were, even then constantly on my mind.

måndag 24 november 2008

The evening drive

I went for an evening drive tonight, to clear my head, but you were everywhere. I drove past that road where we used to meet, and for a second I almost hoped you would be there just like me, waiting in the snow.

I switched off the engine and stepped out into the night. I stood for a little while with my face turned upward glancing at the stars.

The evening chill almost froze me to the bone as I stood there in the darkness, dreaming of you. I couldn't help but remember how your soft voice used to rock me to sleep while you held my hand in yours.

Strange it is, how these starry nights can make one remember.

"Keep singing my love, for I will always be here to listen".

Early winter

These pictures were taken last fall on my favourite place down by the lake. You could almost smell the winter. It was a beautiful and still morning.

Heaven on ice

Snowcrystal resting on the ice.

söndag 23 november 2008

I love it here

My aunts livingroom. The coziest place on earth!

Blueberry dream

The daylight fades

It's a beautiful moment when the daylight fades into night and we prepare for evening darkness. I adore this time of day, I really do!

lördag 22 november 2008

It was early fall

I had the strangest dream last night... again.

The whole thing took place in a spot where I had never been before, it was in some sort of cottage in the woods. It was very primitive, a place where hunters may stay over for shelter or something. Anyway there I was, sitting on the bed. It was early fall.

You were there too of course, it was you who had taken me there. You stood on the stairs smiling. You then turned around, locked the door, closed the windowshutters and walked towards me. I remember that you lifted me up and held me tight against you. Your brow against mine, your soft lips in the back of my neck. You touched my cheek with your warm hands and then carried me to the bed. We layed there for hours on end. You, me, the sound of your heartbeat, the bird on the branch outside, the creaking of the floorboards - it was all so real.

I dream this sort of thing frequently. If you only knew.

Sleep tight.

Oh joy!

Fried bananas with vanilla ice cream - the most lovely dessert ever made!

A silent fog

I love this time of day.

I thought of you last night as I drove home, remembering that night we shared not so long ago. How you whispered sweet nothings into my ear and I how I suddenly realized that I wanted more. More of you.

fredag 21 november 2008

The shells of yesterday

Simply fire

Time stood still.

Far from still

I feel your heat even though you are not here
when I close my eyes I see you sitting there in
your kitchen with today's paper and that
empty coffeemug, thinking what I´m thinking.

We really need to do something about these thoughts you know.

torsdag 20 november 2008

No tracks

I dreamt of you last night, that you picked me up along that abandoned road and took me away. Leaving no tracks behind what so ever except the glowing remnants of our love, lying there in the snow.

The heat of your hands kept me warm as we drove, over mountains, over hills, to never look back. The radio played jingle bells and we could see the light of the city behind us fading away.

We left it all behind, broken dreams, broken hearts, the judging in peoples eyes. We said farewell to the stressful days, the stolen moments and the scheduled kisses.

The world was ours.

onsdag 19 november 2008

A summer gone by

I miss you dear summer.

tisdag 18 november 2008

Simply words



snowy road

your lips on mine

the mystery of waiting

your flashing headlights

my footprints in the snow

burning heat and far

too little time.


How could I ever forget?

måndag 17 november 2008

A blurry afternoon

Me and a friend dined out today.

söndag 16 november 2008

Fragments lost in time

The world is against me folks, it really is. If you only knew.

Maybe I should just accept the
bitter fact that your arms no longer
are mine to hold and that
this safe haven that I have built for
my own security now is crushed like
a wave to the shore.

I am left with only memories of you,
fragments of a time gone by and
a scent of pine that softly lingers
in the wind.

I thought of your grace tonight and I remembered that afternoon in the forest when I cried against your shoulder and how the wind dried my cheeks. You were there, and I was too. Two lonely souls in the middle of nowhere, giving to each other what no one else ever could.

A walk with a friend

My good friend Sandra.