lördag 22 november 2008

It was early fall

I had the strangest dream last night... again.

The whole thing took place in a spot where I had never been before, it was in some sort of cottage in the woods. It was very primitive, a place where hunters may stay over for shelter or something. Anyway there I was, sitting on the bed. It was early fall.

You were there too of course, it was you who had taken me there. You stood on the stairs smiling. You then turned around, locked the door, closed the windowshutters and walked towards me. I remember that you lifted me up and held me tight against you. Your brow against mine, your soft lips in the back of my neck. You touched my cheek with your warm hands and then carried me to the bed. We layed there for hours on end. You, me, the sound of your heartbeat, the bird on the branch outside, the creaking of the floorboards - it was all so real.

I dream this sort of thing frequently. If you only knew.

Sleep tight.

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