fredag 28 november 2008

The countdown begins

Snow covered streets,
decorated porches and
those overcrowded airports all
remind me of christmas time.

The smell of the tree and
how it fills the house,
the laughter of children that echoe
through the halls, all this
fills me with joy.

Stockings on the fireplace,
the wrapping of presents and
time spent in the kitchen,

the stillness
of christmas morning, all this
and so much more is only
weeks away.

Can you feel it too?
The peaceful easy feeling of christmas?

Tell me dear readers, what is YOUR favourite memory of christmas day?

2 kommentarer:

Poetikat sa...

Hello, Ida!

I really like your poem.

I have many terrific memories of Christmas - some old, some more recent. A few years ago, my husband and I made some great coffee and had kringle for breakfast (my husband's background is Danish). We couldn't be with his family that year, so we set the camera and took a photo of ourselves and sent it to them.

One of my favourite memories of my father is when he and I went on an adventure out in the woods to get a Christmas tree. We sat on a log and drank tea from a flask and ate sandwiches my mom had made. It seems all my memories revolve around food!

Thanks for visiting me, I hope you'll be back!


shilvia sa...

wow!!!i feel it...somehow the world turns out to be a sweeter place :) couldnt agree with you more!!!