söndag 30 november 2008

I like it this way

I am safe when in your hands
loved and adored
never forgotten
lacking nothing, not even a
moonlit kiss,
everything is on it's place and
as it should be.

Your hand rests in mine so
peacefully, together we embrace the
stillness of night and you cuddle up a
little closer.

I like it this way, your hand in mine
the softness of your palms touching my
inner self, moving my heart to tears
of joy.

I really like it here.

4 kommentarer:

Pearl sa...

*sigh* :)

Annelina sa...

Jättefin dikt, du har sån känsla för det här! Du beskriver alltid saker så målande... just den här känns hemtrevlig och varm. Ska du inte ge ut en bok?

omami sa...

great photo, love the message!

shilvia sa...

sweetness!!! beautiful words...love oh love ;D