lördag 15 november 2008

Words from the past

I found some old writings today when I cleaned out an old closet and under some old books I found this, words from the past:

There you were again, in today's crowd. I noticed your car as a drove up the parkinglot and I immediately felt a rush of stillness come over me. You have that effect on me you know. My hands trembeled as I walked up the stairs and I forced myself to take a deep breath before I stepped inside.

There you were, sitting on a chair in the kitchen and my heart stopped. I couldn't move. I needed you right then and there. The frustration I felt at that very moment lies beoynd explanation and my soul died for a moment as I looked in on you. Your eyes, those safe arms that I know so well, your lips, those big hands that has trembeled over my back so many times in the past. So close you were, so very close.

I didn't dare look at you but I felt your eyes on me as I turned around, felt their heat.

How I crave them, those hands,
the burning inside never ends, each night I
struggle with this, the thought of
you near me, the feel of your brow
against mine, standing there
in the darkness beneath that
starry sky.

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shilvia sa...

wonderful writing :)