torsdag 27 november 2008

Life is sweet

I remember this summer afternoon. Me and a friend was out exploring with our cameras and my company wanted to take a picture of me. I usually don't pose in front of the camera but she talked me into it! My place is behind the lens, it's there I am the most comfortable. Anyway there we were, down by the lake, beside that beautiful house on that cool summer's afternoon.

I also recall all the warm summer mornings eating breakfast on the porch. How I miss these sweet moments!
Tell me dear readers, what do you miss the most at this very moment?

2 kommentarer:

Pearl sa...

The ruckus that comes assuredly with the background TV sounds, the chatter from adults, laughter from children, squabbles between well-meaning relatives who argue over which dish to place first...


Claire sa...

i miss a very special friend.

i have missed you over the past two weeks but i am back again.

have a blessed weekend.