fredag 31 juli 2009

Thoughts of harvest



My garden is in bloom and I can harvest tomatoes any day now.  Yay!

We have had some autumn-like days here lately and today as I took a stroll behind the house I noticed that the currant bushes are on their way too. I love this time of year when we harvest the most. Blueberries and cloudberries fill the forest as we speak and I can barely wait to take them home.

Be safe! Ciao!

söndag 26 juli 2009

I did it!


Freshly baked cinnamon rolls! =) I am proud! Am usually not a very good baker, I just get things burned and uneven.. but not this time!

lördag 25 juli 2009

Kindness, love and hope


I have been blessed this week with a visit from my cousins Anna’s family.  Anna, William, Annas father Kurt, Max and Annas husband Daniel have shown me what life is all about – family, kindness, love and hope.

You are an angel Anna.

I am happy. Thank you.

Mr. Moose

älg1  älg3


Here are some moose-shots also! I couldn’t decide whether I wanted him to be in color or b/w so I took both! Which one do you prefer? Feel free to share!

torsdag 23 juli 2009

Me meets deer


Here comes another shot from the zoo! I believe this is a fallow deer but I am not sure, I didn’t pay much attention to signs next to the cages actually. This guy looked straight at me and what a beauty he is! I simply must visit zoo’s more often, anyone feel like joining?

I have been working tonight at my assisant nurse job, I hadn’t been there in ages but tonight I was. It felt amazing. I can’t wait to go back.

Now the bed awaits!


onsdag 22 juli 2009

Bears at play!

 babybear1bear3babybear3 babybear2 

Hey friends! Today me and my cousin Anna and her family went to the zoo and we had a lot of fun =0) I got stuck by the bear’s nest and immeadiately fell in love with these little babies. We wandered around all day by the animals and had a lovely lunch at the zoo’s resturant. A lovely day with an amazing family! My day couldn’t possibly get any better!

Hope you all are having a nice summer,


tisdag 21 juli 2009

In love’s shadow


Last night, we were back at that place again. That old school. I have dreamt this so many times now that I have lost the count of it all.

The walls were dark, old white curtains swaying in the cold evening wind. I hear you moving up the stairs, softly, walking tip toe like you were in hiding. It must have been winter for the floors felt like ice under my bare feet.

You never left, you were always there, in that house, at that time, every day. Like I could come as soon I needed you and I would be greeted. Did you live there perhaps? Live in the shadow of love, never telling a soul about the aching, the hurting, the pain.

You told me and I listened. I therefore visit you again and again in this place and we bask in the warmth of each other. Two lonely souls, a man and a woman, in that big corridor on the top of the stairs in the back of my head.

lördag 18 juli 2009

The city are in bloom

IMG_0577 (kopia)

Tonight I will let the pictures speak for me. I lack of words.

I am thinking about closing this site dear friends. Closing and focusing on other things in life. We'll see how it all ends.


A place that is sacred


A shot taken earlier this week in a church nearby. If I am not mistaken this church is the biggest in sweden of it’s wooden kind. I got baptised in this very place 24 years ago. It’s beauty and  architecture  takes the breath out of me. Hope you like it!

torsdag 16 juli 2009

At the beach


Summer portrait of Sandra taken two nights ago down by the beach!

Om någon i storumantrakten eller närliggande byar skulle vara intresserade av ett liknande porträtt eller ett i färg så maila. Jag tar en hundring per porträtt och ni får dem redigerade och klara per mail i extra stor upplösning!

onsdag 15 juli 2009

The rain lingers


The raindrops linger and have made large puddles on each and every blade. I am in need of balminess, of resurrection and feel like diving in…

tisdag 14 juli 2009

On the deck


Shot taken earlier tonight on an old boat, she looks through an uneven hole in the deck. The texture of the white goes perfectly with the blue in her eyes. You like?

söndag 12 juli 2009

Me and the water


Weightless I swim in the dark cool water of yesterday’s dreams. Kicking my way past  the old boathouse I see you on the shore, the guitar in one hand and that faded songbook in the other. I like it when you sing, it makes me dream and makes my heart flutter like tiny butterflies resting softly on a beam.

fredag 10 juli 2009

Comfort for me


Tell me dear friends, what calms your restless minds on dark nights such as these?

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Back on track


Thanks to Glen’s wonderful tip my camera now works again! THANKS Glen!

I have spent my evening with a friend, trying on shoes, talking over tea and exploring a little more sensual side of photography.

I Wish you all a wonderful wednesday night!

tisdag 7 juli 2009


Oh no, it has happened, the thing that I have been dreading for so long. My camera is broken and so is my heart. I am devistated. I can't find the words really.

I can see the shots in my camera but when I try to open them up and look at them in my computer I can't see them, then they don't exixt on the memorycard. What's wrong? Help me please. All the other shots I have taken before I can see but not the ones I have taken in the last day or two.

Why oh why? I am so very sad.

I am she


I cover my ears so my sense can't rule, I listen only to the beating of my heart and let my inner burning for you guide me. I am she who listens to no voice but her own.

I burn for you, unconditionally and without end.

måndag 6 juli 2009

Summer bloom


Orchids at full bloom.

Which one do you prefer? The orginal at the bottom or the dreamier version on top? Feel free to share!

söndag 5 juli 2009

Love at first sight


Folks, I think I’m in love! This is Torac, a lovely little German Shepherd. My friend Sandra took this little guy home a couple of days ago and I am smittened! Isn’t he cute? :0)

He can come and visit my house ANYTIME!

lördag 4 juli 2009



Earlier tonight an ambulance helicopter took off right above my head. The writing on the side says “Västerbotten” and that stands for the state we life in if I am not mistaken. I liked the soft yellow against the blue sky. We have had far to many accidents up here lately.

torsdag 2 juli 2009

Greetings to you all


I am sending you a little summer greeting from my sunny corner of the world. The weather is HOT and you can’t do anything except to rest in the shadow. Life’s good!

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Life treasures


The pitter patter of a tiny child’s feet running up and down the stairs, little hands trying for the first time to get the shoe-laces right. This is all part of life’s happy treasures that we carry inside of us always.

How hollow one would be without memories just as these.