fredag 31 juli 2009

Thoughts of harvest



My garden is in bloom and I can harvest tomatoes any day now.  Yay!

We have had some autumn-like days here lately and today as I took a stroll behind the house I noticed that the currant bushes are on their way too. I love this time of year when we harvest the most. Blueberries and cloudberries fill the forest as we speak and I can barely wait to take them home.

Be safe! Ciao!

2 kommentarer:

Jenna sa...

Hej Ida!
Vad roligt att höra, och att du hittade dit :)

Ägg-gröten är grymt god. Det gör vilka gryn som helst otroligt mycket godare och krämigare. Hojta gärna till om vad du tyckte!

Du tar fantastiskt vackra bilder!

Hälsningar jenna

Kamana sa...

i was away for a week, and all my plants seem to have withered or died. (sob sob)