tisdag 7 juli 2009

I am she


I cover my ears so my sense can't rule, I listen only to the beating of my heart and let my inner burning for you guide me. I am she who listens to no voice but her own.

I burn for you, unconditionally and without end.

4 kommentarer:

Poetikat sa...

Ida, I love the new look here. This showcases your pictures very well. Wonderful words too!


christopher sa...

Ida, I wrote this just now on another site for very good reason and it fits exactly here as well...

Living A Long Time

If I took your words
as serious as you meant
I would have to change
my love, transform it
beyond my understanding,
answer completely
with all new bright words
as if you were no longer
you, but my lost maid
come back to me now,
at this late stage of my life
and me far too old
to change.

Ida sa...

Thank you dear Christopher for those powerful words. They moved me right down to the core.

Sandy K. sa...

Beautiful, as usual. I love the way you mix apparent simplicity with complex reality.