onsdag 31 december 2008

Happy new year

I wish you all happy 2009, may it be filled with joy and peace.

Me and some friends har having a little get-together tonight, with lots of food and laughter.

Happy new year dear friends!

tisdag 30 december 2008


I thought about you today, you and your casual ways. The way your eyes sparkle when you smile or the way your hand touch the back of your guitar as you play. I love it when you play, the way your voice tremble on those high tones.

You are a unique.

måndag 29 december 2008

Sunny day

The weather has been lovely here today! Sunshine and an endless blue sky. I love it here.


söndag 28 december 2008

Daylight fades

The days are far too short in my little corner of the world. I ate breakfast only a few hours ago and now the afternoon crawls closer.

Remnants of summer


No, things aren't the same
she's home and you spend
everyday discussing her adventures and
long lost italian friends

no longer available
no longer present

I have been switched out like
a treat gone bad
thrown in the bin among all
the other trash
left to rot

thanks a lot friend.

No, not now

I ache

my body

my heart

my soul.

I am tired

my mind

my limbs

my all.

lördag 27 december 2008

In thought

I feel it - the stress! I am not good with that sort of thing and right now I feel that I have to slow down a bit. I wish I could go on a trip, just a little one, to clear my head. I think about too much TOO often and it's driving me insane.

I ignored my fever earlier today and went out on the porch to take this picture. I like this time of day, when the sun slowly sets and the branches paint lovely contours on the sky.

I know that you too watched the sun set today,
out there in the woods
past that old railroad
by yourself

I was there as well, at least in thought
warming your hands and leaning
against that old car of yours
just like old times.


I saw this woman yesterday as I was walking through the supermarket. She looked as if she was on top of the world for she looked down on everybody that passed. This kinda upset me you see, since I believe we all are equal, that no one is better than the other. I have never stumbeled upon this kind of behavior before, at least not to this very height.

She walked there, with her hands in her pockets and her nose so high above the clouds that I nearly thought her head would fall off. Why are people this way?

She looked french but she probably wasn't, she had a black barret on her head and her hair was swirled up in a big bun in the back of her neck. She almost looked like a writer since I immediately thought of Virginia Woolf and the way she tried to write her way out of misery.

This quote by Virginia came to me as I watched this woman dance up and down the iles:

"On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points."

Equal we are, woman, equal!

fredag 26 december 2008

To learn

Can one heal completely? Can really the winds of time truly mend a shattered heart? Do we really learn from mistakes? Somedays I really doubt the answers to all of this.

Why is it so that you allow your heart to get burnt over and over, always by the same fire? Why doesn't one learn?

I have thousands of examples corncerning this very fact and I am starting to believe that learing from mistakes, in some cases are impossible.

What to you think? Feel free to shine some light on this dilemma of mine.

torsdag 25 december 2008

The night was blue

I let the sound from the city streets find its way in
hoping to be rocked a sleep by its soothing noise
and this halfempty glass of mine.

Being still

I have had a lovely christmas, the best so far actually and I am filled with inner peace and stillness.

onsdag 24 december 2008

Kusmi tea

My little package from Sandra contained this - LOVELY Kusmi tea! I now know why the whole box smelled like almonds beacause this is green almond tea and it tastes DELICIOUS!!!

I am so happy for getting this since I love tea =)

THANK YOU Sandra! Love you!

Christmas is here and tonight I shall go to my aunts house and celebrate. I still have the flu though but it doesn't matter since this day only comes once a year :)

I wish you all a lovely and magical night!

tisdag 23 december 2008

Thank you dear friend

I got a gift today! Thank you Sandra, you made my day! This package smells like almonds and vanilla, it is so lovely.

Much love to all of you out there! May your christmas be bright and full of joy.


I bring you this, a simple apple for your love.

måndag 22 december 2008


I found an old poem yesterday that I had written about a year ago on christmas eve:

No more until the new year,
you said

I wait,
every day

like a starved sparrow
I live, nurtured only by
the small crumbs of love
left on my wooden table

I sit here, watching closely
as the sun rises and sets
how the morning slowly fades
to night and how my crumbs
bit by bit are disappearing.

That old crystal bell

I have a favourite among all the ornaments this year and this old crystal bell really stands out and therefore becomes my most treasured one.

What are your favourite christmas decoration and why? Does it remind you of something special perhaps?

Tell me!

For the love of branches

I woke up this morning with a terrible cold. Not exactly my wish for this christmas holiday but somethings are obviously out of our reach. Anyway, I wanted to share these beautiful branches with you. They grow right outside my bedroom window and their beautiful simple lines inspire me so. Merry Christmas.

söndag 21 december 2008

Frosted sugar

Sugarlike frost covered my clothesline this morning! Lovely isn't it?!

The swirl

I allow myself to get lost in the swirl of
snowcovered branches
starry nights and
melancholy songs

a cup of roseship tea in
the dawn or that glass of red
wine at midnight

I swirl away and weightless
float the skies

want to join me?

lördag 20 december 2008

Evil slumber

I feel it now, the anxiety, the sadness. It's the night before my birthday and each year these feelings come alive. Tomorrow I will turn 24 and for the last 23 birthdays my mother has never called to greet me, not once. I sit by the phone, waiting, and the whole day gets ruined, just like my very soul. So tomorrow I shall not celebrate at all.

I shall only make a little mark in my calendar to remind me that I've gotten a year older.

Mom, I hope you'll wake up from your evil slumber one day and realize what you've missed.

It shines through

Restless I stand, peering into the frosted glass of my front door. The house is empty and lacks of your touch.

The silence echoes.

fredag 19 december 2008

Empty me

Another lonely night awaits

empty bed

empty house

empty heart

empty me.

Sleep tight.

A jolly mix

There you stand, tall and bright
lighting up my evening like
the best of stars, your colors almost
perfectly blend
a jolly mix of red and green
blue and white
the colors of christmas
and love.

torsdag 18 december 2008

A night out

A night out in the company of good friends. Chinese food and desert - a perfect evening!

Preserved moments

Dried but still beautiful the rest on their branches of gold,
forever captured
forever alive
forever mine.

onsdag 17 december 2008

Morning view

tisdag 16 december 2008

Red on blue

A selfportrait - in half.

Tea - time

måndag 15 december 2008

The good old days

I found some old photos of me as a little girl today. I wanted to share these beacause they fill me with such emotions, both good and bad. I was so young here, totally unaware of the rough world outside. I was safe and not yet brokenhearted.

I feel sad beacause mom missed out on all this. She broke my heart. It's strange but I always get misty-eyed when I look at these.

Couldn't help myself

Haha, check this out . my very own santa-land! ;) This is a tradition in our family you see and fun it is!

Can you feel the christmas joy?!

Dear pear

Pear - my favourite fruit. Sugary sand that desolves in you mouth with each and every bite.

How I love you dear pear.

The search

Filled with frustration I search, running up stairs and down alleyways, exploring old streetcorners but you are nowhere to be seen. The streetlight above me casts an evil grin on the wall, as if to remind of this foolish hunt.

One might think I should have grown accustomed to this loneliness but now, but you are all wrong and I shall search until my feet are soar with blood. Nothing, not even the dark valley of shadows will hold me back.

My hands will eventually grow numb by the evening chill but I shall carry on. On and on til' my heart stops or you are found.

Worn out

Worn out
marked by the
hands of time
dusty and almost
forgotten they rest
on the top of my shelf.

söndag 14 december 2008

Restless slumber

Golden treasures from long ago
surfaces and again meeting
the light of day

they rise from their toombs
as if woken out of a
restless slumber

tired they wipe their eyes
and let the sunlight
cover their face.