måndag 1 december 2008

My random little mess

I got tagged by lovely Shilvia today and she asked to list six quirky random things about myself. Not so very easy but here it goes:

I ALWAYS drink tea in the mornings before I get on with my day. I adore those little pyramid teabags from lipton.. oh and milk in the tea is very important!

I adore hands, the warmth and the feeling of holding them.

I collect little porcelain angels.

I am a hopeless romantic!

I LOVE movies with Clint Eastwood, I collect them too ... ;-)

I like the shadows my kitchen cabinet door makes each time I open it.
And now I have to tag six bloggers of my very own. I chose the ones that truly brighten up my day:

4 kommentarer:

Annelina sa...

Åh, vad du är söt :) Det lät ju väldigt spännande, ska försöka pyssla ihop något! Intressant, då fick man veta lite mer om dig som man inte visste sen förut. Kram

Poetikat sa...

I love tea to start the day as well. I love Earl Grey (organic and Fair Trade, please!)

I'm also a fan of Clint Eastwood, particularly his early movies - I love The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the original "Dirty Harry" movie. We collect a great deal of movies and Clint is well represented.

Your cupboards look very nice, and tidy too!


omami sa...

lovely tag, It's so nice for you to say that I brighten up your day.. I will get it to it soon.....

Sweet things in life sa...

Verkligen fantastiska bilder du har här:)