onsdag 3 december 2008

The darker side

The hills are heavy with mist and
the contours of the lake almost
fade into mere nothingness as
I walk past.

These evening strolls of mine
always make me feel a bit blue,
tonight is no exeption.

I thought of you and how your
soft lips used to linger on mine
the smell of your shirt and how your
glowing eyes use to light up
dark nights such as these.

But tonight you aren't here
I haven't lost you, but the loneliness
echoes inside of me,
reminding me of having to
spend yet another dark night


3 kommentarer:

Poetikat sa...

Ida, this is lovely. It reminds me of the wanderings of William Wordsworth and his sister, Dorothy.
I love the reference to the smell of the shirt. Ages ago, when I had a short-lived love, I used to smell the cologne and sweat on his sweater that he had left behind. I wore the sweater all the time - long after he was no longer a part of my life. I had to wash it eventually.


shilvia sa...

*sigh* lovely poem...and i truly understand, loneliness is one tricky emotion...

Gramma Ann sa...

Sad but beautiful. Isn't it funny how a smell or song can bring back memories we thought were long gone...