måndag 1 december 2008


Dear readers, my camera crashed tonight and I am in complete despair. The ability to capture life's most precious things are now gone and I am so very sad. A blog without pictures is like a life without love.

I have ordered a new one but it will take a couple of days for it to arrive so please be patient. If you only knew how much joy all your kind comments bring. They give me strength to fight, to dream and to hope. You are a light in my darkest of nights. My skips a beat each and everytime you write.

I love you all,

hugs I.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I know how you feel, take care and you will enjoy even more!!

Pearl sa...

oh nooo! im heartbroken that your camera broke! but hey, absence (of your photos) makes the heart grow fonder :)

i can't wait til you get your camera back! *hugs*

btw - what is tagged?

Anonym sa...

Aha, ja men då var det ju som gjort för ett inköp :) Var inne själv och kollade på Ellos kameror och bestämde mig för en Sony med tillhörande fjärrkontroll... men då hade jag just beställt ett gäng bokhyllor så kreditutrymmet räckte inte till. Men efter jul slår jag nog till jag med!

shilvia sa...

i hope its fixed soon enough...meanwhile, your writings will keep me company :)