lördag 20 december 2008

Evil slumber

I feel it now, the anxiety, the sadness. It's the night before my birthday and each year these feelings come alive. Tomorrow I will turn 24 and for the last 23 birthdays my mother has never called to greet me, not once. I sit by the phone, waiting, and the whole day gets ruined, just like my very soul. So tomorrow I shall not celebrate at all.

I shall only make a little mark in my calendar to remind me that I've gotten a year older.

Mom, I hope you'll wake up from your evil slumber one day and realize what you've missed.

7 kommentarer:

Suzanne Rowley sa...

Oh Ida, this is so sad. My heart goes out to you, & yes it is her loss. Beautiful image you have captured.

UIFPW08 sa...

Ida Italien är mycket vacker och verkligen förtjänar ditt besök. Jag hoppas att nästa år 2009 kan du relagare en resa till Italien vi hoppas. Ida du inte någonsin dö, eftersom du är exceptionella.

Pearl sa...

oh ida -it is truly your mother's loss. she really doesn't know what a beautiful child she has.

can you e-mail me your address please? thank you :)

Annelina sa...

Grattis ändå på födelsedagen, jag vill då fira dig i alla fall även om du kanske inte vill bli firad :) Jag har en present hemma hos mig, det var egentligen tänkt som en julklapp men jag jag tror jag gör om den till en födelsedagspresent! Kram på dig.

UIFPW08 sa...

Att mina kyssar stark som du når havet
vackra som rosor och hur uppriktig vänskap
du kram och en puss till hjärtat
Hälsningar till din födelsedag
Hälsningar hälsningar hälsningar

Richard sa...

Happy Birthday.
Your mother gave you life. Maybe that's all she could give. But what a gift! You're alive! Time to stop waiting for her to tell you it's okay to be happy.

Ariane sa...

I hope you are right now. I think it´s so sad, but people just can give us what they have, unfortunately...
Nice place! I will come back! Kisses!