tisdag 2 december 2008

The winds of time

I'd like to share with the story to why I started writing.

You see when I was younger I stumbeled upon this film that I rented. It was about a man, Scott, who bought an old antique desk, he took it home and polished it up. One night as he was dusting it he found a secret compartment inside one of the drawers. In this little hidden place layed a letter. Filled with mystification he read it. I remember the first lines to this very day, it said:
"Dearest, it's after midnight and I am at last free to speak to you.."

This letter was written by a woman named Elisabeth and contained lines of longing and despair, she wrote about her search for love and how her father had promised her away to a man she didn't love. She writes to her dream love you see, a man she has never met and who exist only in her mind. This letter is at least a hundred years old so this lonely woman is long gone and her memory erased by the hands of time.

Scott goes to bed but can't sleep so he decides to write back to this mystery woman. He post his letter in an old postal office outside of town.

The remarkable and AMAZING turn this movie now takes changes my life forever.

Elisabeth sits at her desk (the desk that Scott now owns), in her time, all those years in the past and opens this secret compartment. THERE lies scotts letter and she is blown away.

The start to comunicate this way and the winds of time blow back and forth.

If you haven't this this film I recommend that you do so, for my words cannot explain the warmth this very movie brings.

I decided then, only hours after seeing this that I too would write. Hoping to touch other peoples hearts with my words..

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Pearl sa...

oh my gosh - have you ever seen that one movie with keanu reeves and sandra bullock? the name escapes me now... but it's so similar! except it's for a mailbox outside of a house they both "live" in, although they're years apart