måndag 22 december 2008


I found an old poem yesterday that I had written about a year ago on christmas eve:

No more until the new year,
you said

I wait,
every day

like a starved sparrow
I live, nurtured only by
the small crumbs of love
left on my wooden table

I sit here, watching closely
as the sun rises and sets
how the morning slowly fades
to night and how my crumbs
bit by bit are disappearing.

7 kommentarer:

Faith sa...

Oh, Ida, this is so lovely. "Small crumbs of love..." Beautiful and sad.

Mary Sue sa...

Jättevackert, särskilt början var underbar!

Mary Sue sa...

Krya på dig och god jul! :)

pierangela sa...

Buon Natale by pierangela.
skaili lapphund from jokkmokk

Faith sa...

I know I already left a comment here, but I have been thinking about this poem all day. Sometimes all someone can offer are small crumbs of love...I know I always feel that I need so much more...You wrote this so well.

Suzanne Rowley sa...

This is beautiful Ida.

Blue in Green sa...

Its so lovely