onsdag 31 december 2008

Happy new year

I wish you all happy 2009, may it be filled with joy and peace.

Me and some friends har having a little get-together tonight, with lots of food and laughter.

Happy new year dear friends!

8 kommentarer:

omami sa...

happy new year to you, have fun with your friends

Salutations du Québec xxx
lovely photo

Faith sa...

Happy New Year, Ida. May this year bring you great joy and happiness. Have fun with your friends:)

Btw all your photos are so lovely. I really have been enjoying looking at your blog. You inspire me so much. Thank you for sharing.


Chris sa...

Happy new year to you, too!

Suzanne Rowley sa...

Hope you had a wonderful time Ida, happy new year!

amanda sa...

happy new year!!!

peace to you & yours!

Pretty Little Pictures sa...

I hope you have a happy new year too :)

PJ sa...

I love the brght colors and the perspective. Happy new Year to you!

shilvia sa...

and a very happy new year to you too ida dearest, may we all have a blessed year ahead of us!!!