onsdag 24 december 2008

Kusmi tea

My little package from Sandra contained this - LOVELY Kusmi tea! I now know why the whole box smelled like almonds beacause this is green almond tea and it tastes DELICIOUS!!!

I am so happy for getting this since I love tea =)

THANK YOU Sandra! Love you!

Christmas is here and tonight I shall go to my aunts house and celebrate. I still have the flu though but it doesn't matter since this day only comes once a year :)

I wish you all a lovely and magical night!

4 kommentarer:

Blue in Green sa...

To you Mr. moon,
I'm unhappy with Mr. Flu,
For changing my optimism to gloom,
And making Ida go blue,
She needs to do a lot soon,
Perhaps, a lick from you,
Will get her back in tune!

With Love
ps: get well soon

kendalee sa...

And to you too Ina! Happy, happy Christmas! :)

kendalee sa...

PS - LOVE your new blog banner - beautiful!

Hidden Sage sa...

Thanks for stopping by :)

Green Almond Tea, eh? Definitely sounds worth trying.

Hope you enjoy Christmas and the tasty cup of tea.