fredag 26 december 2008

To learn

Can one heal completely? Can really the winds of time truly mend a shattered heart? Do we really learn from mistakes? Somedays I really doubt the answers to all of this.

Why is it so that you allow your heart to get burnt over and over, always by the same fire? Why doesn't one learn?

I have thousands of examples corncerning this very fact and I am starting to believe that learing from mistakes, in some cases are impossible.

What to you think? Feel free to shine some light on this dilemma of mine.

2 kommentarer:

mainecarlhed sa...

Tiden läker inte alla sår. Man bara kommer på ett sätt att leva med dem. Som ärr. De finns där och ömmar ibland. Alltid synliga för dig själv.

I vissa fall lär vi oss av misstag - om vi verkligen vill det. Annars är det som något vi inte kan hålla oss från...vad kallar man det... en last! Eller en kärlek till nåt. Min är choklad :)

Kram Lilla Hjärtat! Vi hörs!

Claire sa...

I am so glad that you posted this as I was planning to respond to you after your comment on my blog.

I find that I am able to learn from most mistakes and that I am able to walk away stronger and wiser but when it comes to love and relationships I find that I struggle as you do. No matter how hard I promise myself that I will not put my heart on my sleeve, I find myself doing it again and again. I have asked why and these are the conclusions that I have reached:

1. We are made for relationships and it will take a very real and severe amount of trauma to truly sever any heart from any form of contact.

2. I have decided to change my approach regarding relationships. I have decided to make any interaction one in which I am serving the other, not wanting or expecting something in return. I find that I hurt less and gain more because I no longer have expectations to receive anything but I am filled because I give freely. The times that I do receive in return are so precious that they make every hurt worthwhile.

3. My heart is not like a cake that is limited to a certain amount of slices. The more I give, the more I have to give.

4. However when I am hurt due to unmet expectations that were created, I allow myself time to grieve and I write to process all the emotions and feelings. Then I move on.

I pray that you will be able to find a mode of travelling through relationships that works for you because it is different for each person.