lördag 13 december 2008

No sleep

It's after midnight and sleep is
nowhere to be seen
can't help but wonder
if you're awake too, sitting there
by your desk, stroking that
old guitar, just like
old times

your voice inside of me echoes
just like a wolf on top
of a hill, screaming, calling out
to the night time sky

I hear it you know
but the sound of
breaking hearts are
what keeps me awake.

4 kommentarer:

Annelina sa...

Oj vilken känsla! Älskar den sista raden... det här var min favorit av de du lagt upp på din nya blogg :)

Pearl sa...

when my first love and i broke up, my heart was broken so badly, too. i'd stay up really late or go to bed really early to try and block him from my memory, and any song would suddenly remind me of him.

it took so long. but i did get over it.

and if this is about a boy who broke your heart, know that you will also overcome this pain, too. and that one day, you'll be filled with an even greater amount of love, and it'll be so much more mature and respectful than you could've ever imagined.

sooo - what would you like me to send you? :D

Blue in Green sa...

Life is a mystery really. When one is in love, one keeps awake. When heart broken, the same. It would be hard to convey the course of my thoughts but I wish terribly much that you should be so happy.

Claire sa...

i do not know what you are referring to but i feel the realness of that intense hurt. i have known this before in my life.