tisdag 30 juni 2009



A rhubarb-leaf made eternal by concrete. Steady but yet fragile, forever captured.

I am thinking about framing this piece actually. When I close my eyes I see it hanging in a huge white frame  on top of my bed, as a symbol of strength in life.

By the way folks, I have made an important decision today. I am going to start selling my work. Anyone interrested?

måndag 29 juni 2009

Something new


These beautiful shoes have I welcomed to my collection today. Notice the bow. Bows make everything so much better.

I look forward to many easy summer nights wearing these..

söndag 28 juni 2009

A room with a view


It’s empty now, except for the dusty memories that somebody left behind. The silence is overtaking and the walls are moving closer as if to squeese the mere life out me so I can’t enjoy the view.

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Enjoying summer


Hey folks! We have been experiencing some REALLY hot days here lately and I have been spending most them down by the beach, thereof my lack of posts.

Hope all is well here in the world of blogger and that you too are out there enjoying summer!

fredag 19 juni 2009

What’s on the menu




Dear friends! Today it’s midsummer and I have spent it with family and good friends. I wanted to describe for you what a midsummer’s meal may look like here in my corner of the world. This is typical for our family:

The first course: dark bread with a sour cream mix with herring, red onions, dill, chopped eggs and spawn. It’s delious and starts off a meal perfectly!

The main dish: barbequed beef, garlic bread, tzatsiki with feta and garlic, grilled halloumi with a chili dressing, fresh potatoes and a grilled tomato half. We also served a sallad on the side with watermelon and roasted seeds on top.

The dessert: caramel pie with whipped cream and powdered cacao on top. We decorated it with some colourful violets.

I hope you all have had a lovely midsummer’s eve <3

Be safe!

onsdag 17 juni 2009

A thing or two about eating


This little fellow eating dandelions on the lawn is my cousin’s little pal!

- Oh man..here she is again with that camera, is it really THAT hard to not follow me around all the time… I can’t even have my own dinner in peace! I’ll get her..

Some folks just don’t like being harassed during dinner.. Shame on me :P

Summer shot


I wish that I too could lay around in the grass all day, watching the birds and their play, listening to the wind…just devote the day to mere and utter relaxation..

..maybe tomorrow.

tisdag 16 juni 2009

The sky burned


I stopped here on top of the hill, the sun was setting and it was almost midnight. I stood here for the longest of time, it felt like hours. It was so quiet, so still. The tears felt like acid down my cheeks as I thought of you, they burned just like the evening sky.

måndag 15 juni 2009

Beyond reality


Drifting away, far beyond reality. Soaring among fantasy flowers and trees that watch my every move. I am safe nowhere, the hills have eyes and I am lost in this foreign city that doesn’t even have a name.

söndag 14 juni 2009




Let’s follow me to the land of oblivion where we can start anew.

What a relief it would be to leave all this madness, the look in peoples eyes, the judging, the silent whispers that nobody think I hear. Oblivion could be such a heavenly state if we went.

fredag 12 juni 2009

Dear poppy



White, yellow and orange -  a mix of summercolors all together. They blend so beautifully together in this shot, especially against the brown background.

Poppys I adore!

torsdag 11 juni 2009

Lemon cupcakes with meringue


Oh MY! I have baked!! These are lemon and blueberryfilled cupcakes with lovely clouds of meringue on top! I also added some sliced white chocolate inside… my gosh what a treat! Want some?!

onsdag 10 juni 2009



Shot taken last night in a nearby church. I loved the light in this scene and couldn’t resist.

It is a special feeling to sit near the ceiling this way, God feels closer.

tisdag 9 juni 2009

Me and the mudlark children

Midnight and a
quiet field in the
middle of nowehere
the rain smells sweet
almost like you

I lie on wet grass with my
face turned upward
the motelsign flickers
somwhere in the distance
can see it in the corner of
my eye

I am alone here, just me and
the sounds of the city, some mudlark
children and
my ego

if I linger out here long enough
maybe I'll remain sane

La vie e rose


A rose in full bloom.

lördag 6 juni 2009



The water looks smooth as honey as the sun sets. I wish you all could have been here on this still and beautiful night.

torsdag 4 juni 2009

The color of summer



Green is indeed the color of summer. This shot of a flower on my grandmothers porch. Hope you feel as joyus I as do when I look at these colors!

I wish everyone of you readers a happy and beautiful summer. Be safe out there.

onsdag 3 juni 2009



A colorful porcelain-flower has been my object for the day.



Every night the same, the aching, the burning, love’s madness is slowly putting my mind out of track. I am headed for a crash like no other, being tossed out into the everlasting darkness with only my glowing heart as a torch. Will you come?

tisdag 2 juni 2009

He gives and he takes


Our lord works in mysterious ways.

A child is gone, taken back, given wings. Dear little girl, you who could light up a whole room with your smile, be safe and sleep softly beneath gods sheltering arms. We’ll meet again, I swear.

He gives and he takes. Why, nobody knows. I wish you didn’t have to go.

måndag 1 juni 2009

It fades


A house that shows it’s faded reflection in the lake.

It almost reminds of one of Monet’s paintings, the one with the water-lilys. That type of painting that when you stand too close you can’t see but take a couple of steps back and the lilys are more than visible, they are alive. This house also need a couple of steps back.