onsdag 17 juni 2009

A thing or two about eating


This little fellow eating dandelions on the lawn is my cousin’s little pal!

- Oh man..here she is again with that camera, is it really THAT hard to not follow me around all the time… I can’t even have my own dinner in peace! I’ll get her..

Some folks just don’t like being harassed during dinner.. Shame on me :P

6 kommentarer:

Gramma Ann sa...

What a cute little picture. Love it.

Glen Goffin sa...

hahaha ... that is adorable!! Great framing and great timing to catch that expression. I love this.

Pearl sa...

oh my gosh dear - you TOOK that? that's a wonderful photo!

omami sa...

so cool and funny I love it!!

christopher sa...

Beautiful work, my friend.


Ida sa...

Yeah I followed this little guy ALL over my aunts lawn just to get this shot... :P I gave him a carrot afterwards though..