fredag 19 juni 2009

What’s on the menu




Dear friends! Today it’s midsummer and I have spent it with family and good friends. I wanted to describe for you what a midsummer’s meal may look like here in my corner of the world. This is typical for our family:

The first course: dark bread with a sour cream mix with herring, red onions, dill, chopped eggs and spawn. It’s delious and starts off a meal perfectly!

The main dish: barbequed beef, garlic bread, tzatsiki with feta and garlic, grilled halloumi with a chili dressing, fresh potatoes and a grilled tomato half. We also served a sallad on the side with watermelon and roasted seeds on top.

The dessert: caramel pie with whipped cream and powdered cacao on top. We decorated it with some colourful violets.

I hope you all have had a lovely midsummer’s eve <3

Be safe!

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Gramma Ann sa...

It looks yummy...wish I was there to enjoy it with you. ;)

Kamana sa...

love the pie! really love it, especially with all the violets on it.

christopher sa...

What a lovely meal, so colorful as well as doubtless wonderful tastes. So many Mediterranean offerings! I love especially Lebanese cooking. That is because I adore the use of lemon and lamb.

I shall make comments about our country the sauces for barbeque are huge business and we eat a ton of barbequed meats. There are restaurants that specialize in barbeque exclusively. Something called Buster's (Texas) Barbeque is just a short drive from my house. There are styles of barbeque. Barbeque in part often stands for a kind of grilling over live coals or even open flame, and is often done outdoors because of that. Even barbeque restaurants often do the primary cooking in outdoor facilities.

The rest of barbeque is in the sauce. Usually lots of it, sometimes as if the meat is an excuse for the sauce.

What you are calling a barbequed meat doesn't look like what I would expect. That is quite a culture difference.

Gela sa...

Tack så jätte mycke!

Victoria sa...

Tack så jättemycket:)

beth sa...

well this sure made my mouth water....YUM !

Arctis sa...

Å så gott det ser ut, man blir ju riktigt hungrig!

Claire sa...

Ida, these are really delicious treats!

I am needing to reprioritise my time due to a growing business and so I just want to let you know that I have chosen to stop commenting so that I am able to carry on reading my favourite blogs. So although it might seem that I am no longer here, please know that I am.


Maria H sa...

Vilka vackra bilder du tar!