tisdag 30 juni 2009



A rhubarb-leaf made eternal by concrete. Steady but yet fragile, forever captured.

I am thinking about framing this piece actually. When I close my eyes I see it hanging in a huge white frame  on top of my bed, as a symbol of strength in life.

By the way folks, I have made an important decision today. I am going to start selling my work. Anyone interrested?

3 kommentarer:

Sandy K. sa...

I love this photograph, and see it large and framed, as well. I happened on your site through another, and will definitely be back.

Glen Goffin sa...

Yes, I agree. Strong and yet gentle. Another wonderful shot! I'll be interested in how you go about offering your pieces. There are many different ways but I've never tried any of them. Peace, Glen

Kamana sa...

that is absolutely gorgeous! i would certainly be intersted in buying such lovely artwork.