torsdag 11 juni 2009

Lemon cupcakes with meringue


Oh MY! I have baked!! These are lemon and blueberryfilled cupcakes with lovely clouds of meringue on top! I also added some sliced white chocolate inside… my gosh what a treat! Want some?!

5 kommentarer:

Sioux sa...

Yes, please....where is the recipe?

Pearl sa...

oh my gosh - not only are you a talented photographer, but also an incredibly talented baker! look at those cupcakes! you bake and they turn out PERFECTLY!

christopher sa...

Lemon Cupcakes

If you gave me one
lemon and white chocolate
filled cupcake, meringue
topped, I would follow
stone trails that I know, searching
here, there for topaz,
also emeralds
to string up, make necklaces
I'd leave at your door,
leave them at midnight.

RachelW sa...

Ooh! They look so appetizing!

shilvia sa...

scrumptious ...