torsdag 1 januari 2009

New year, new possibilities

Happy new year everybody!

I had a wonderful time last night and I am glad a new year has begun. Let's try and make this a good year, full of joy and peace. Cherish each day live today not tomorrow!

I have a lot going on now, tonight I am taking my dear old grandmother out to dinner. We wanted to start this year as fun as possible so we are going out!

I wish you all love and a wondeful wonderful year!

4 kommentarer:

Claire sa...

you are blessed to still have a grandmother! cherish this special dinner.

Georgia B. sa...

amen to that! what a great photo to compliment your words!

Happy New Year!

Faith sa...

Have fun today and tonight :). Your photo looks like a beautiful new day. A great way to start the new year!

PJ sa...

Beautiful sky. have you looked into doing the Sky Watch Friday meme? Lots of fun!