lördag 10 januari 2009

Parking strictly forbidden!!

This sign means that no parking what so ever are aloud in this area! I parked here anyway though since it was nighttime and my car is of a very dark color, black in fact.. I thought it would blend in with the darkness and no one would see it but things didn't really work out... I wouldn't tell anyone if I were you ;)

6 kommentarer:

Gramma Ann sa...

How did it work out? We all want to know! ;)

I posted a "Shrimp Cocktail" recipe just for you today on my "Quotes and Things" blog.

Pearl sa...

hehehe ida you naughty girl!

Ida sa...

Ann, things didn't really end all that bad! And old man walked by and waved his finger at me, that's it, haha :) The question is, have I learned something from this?

- NO!!!

I shall check out the shrimp recipe, thanks :)

Gramma Ann sa...


I posted a photo of catsup or Ketchup on my blog: "Ann's Moody Blues"

Georgia B. sa...

oh, naughty girl. :)

i won't tell anyone.

i like the sign pics. thanks for indulging me. :)

PJ sa...

Finger wagging is better than a ticket!