fredag 2 januari 2009

Lost we were

I miss you as well
the way your burning lips
used to linger on mine
the smell of your car as
we drove over hills and
back again
lost in the swirl of love's
sweet but

irresistible madness.

7 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Tjusigt :) Ja, nu fick jag just ett sms från haléns om att jag kunde hämta ut kameran! Spännande...

Lynne sa...

Lovely to find you Ida. Thank you for visiting me.
Love the photos and words. The ones about walking with your grandmother I found particularly touching, and brought tears to my eyes.
Have a wonderful year!

Claire sa...

the but yet is powerful.

Blue in Green sa...

Du är mycket kreativ på hjärtat. gott nytt år

Walker sa...

Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing.

UIFPW08 sa...

very beautiful picture that is poetry

Georgia B. sa...

i love the title of this post.

and, WOW. you seem to have a special gift with photos of this color scheme. you take the most beautiful silhouette photos against these golden-to-evening blue skies.

just beautiful, Ida!

(ps. those were shrimp! didn't they look good? and trust me, they tasted every bit as good as they looked.)