onsdag 14 januari 2009

The best of people

This lovely picture is of my grandmother and grandfather. I found it in an old box along with some curtains in her basament today. She was 23 and he 26 on that day, their wedding day. I cried with tears of joy when I unwrapped this painting from it's layers of soft pink paper and carried it upstairs to show her. It's a timeless treasure and I shall keep it always.

She was so beautiful here and so was he, so young and so in love. These are my absolute favourite people in my life and although my grandfather is pasted away he still is. He suffered from Parkinson's disease for many years and eventually his eyes lost their shimmer and he left us. This was about three years ago. He lives although, as you know deep inside of me. His kindness and love warms my soul everyday.

My grandmother are alive and well at the age of 72 and she still is stunningly beautiful!

Grandpa, if you're upstairs listening: I LOVE and miss you! And grandma: you are the light of my life, my best friend and the rock of my life. You have made me who I am today and I love you dearly.

4 kommentarer:

Winifred sa...

That is a very beautiful picture I'm not surprised it made you cry. What a pricelss treasure.

Suzanne Rowley sa...

Just gorgeous Ida, what a treasure you have in your grandmother.

Annelina sa...

Hon påminner ju om dig! Eller ska man säga tvärtom kanske? :) Ögonen är då väldigt lika iaf.

PJ sa...

This is a wonderful photograph, I have to know why she has a glass on her head??