söndag 11 januari 2009


Tell me dear friends, what to this very photo trigger inside of you? Is it good or bad? Tell me!

It's taken behind my old school on a cold, foggy december night. The windows stared back at me with their dark invisible eyes, or so it seemed.

7 kommentarer:

Faith sa...

Ida, the photo is beautiful. It made me think of loneliness...

One tree standing,
the darkness and the cold
falling like all the leaves
before, and through the long
night only the false light,
giving false hope.
False the phantom faces at windows
and the phantom laughter that once rang out,
out into the echoing stillness.
Remember the arms that held.
Remember the pieces of bark peeled
and carried away as talismans.
Remember me through this long night.

UIFPW08 sa...

very beautifull

.Blue in Green sa...

I am staring...seems like a deserted earth. Perhaps not! But I love it. Seems it has a voice. Tell me!

Claire sa...

it is somehow eerie to me.

omami sa...

beautiful, seems like you trying to find for light!!

Jane sa...

It is a bit scary. I wouldn't want to walk there at dark.

PJ sa...

You've done something really special here. It evokes wind and wild feelings in me.