onsdag 14 januari 2009


I shall go out today with you on my mind, passed that old barn and down to the lake. There I shall sit for a while, listnening to the ice and how it cracks each time the earth moves.

I know you're out here somewhere.

6 kommentarer:

onesilentwinter sa...

it looks like you have not lost it. your blog is lovely as ever!

Familjen Hallman sa...

Vad vackra bilder du tar.

Claire sa...

you know this person is out there... it is amazing how some things bring us just so much closer without actually covering distance.

Gramma Ann sa...

Oh! yes, I'm out here alright on the other side of the world!

HUGS ~~ Ann

Anonym sa...

the ice cracking, here it's freezing!!! lovely piece of ice, feels like poetry too me!!

Ida sa...

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments - they light up my life! =)


ps. I am so thankful to have come in contact with you, you are all one of a kind and make my life such a brighter place!