fredag 9 januari 2009

For the hungry times..

This is Konsum! I get my food from here you see so this is a perfect place for all the foodloving maniacs like myself. It's open monday - friday from nine in the morning till seven at night, and from nine to five in the afternoon on saturdays and sundays!
A perfect place for a little shoppin'!

This weeks specials are obivously two jars of pastasauce for only 33.00 SEK and two boxes with shrimp for 50.00 SEK. I am thinking about getting those shrimp actually since I'm experiencing a little shrimpcraving at the moment.. Anybode else who loves these little sea creatures?

It's nightime here so now I'm off to bed!
Nighty night!

2 kommentarer:

Gramma Ann sa...

I love shrimp. I like them breaded and deep fried, steamed, Shrimp scampi, I like shrimp just about anyway they can be fixed! Pass the Shrimp cocktail.

Georgia B. sa...

love shrimp! i'm not supposed to eat them, but i do anyway. :)

here in the states, i shop at a place called Whole Foods. it is my favorite grocery store. fun to see yours.