lördag 31 januari 2009

Oh Yogi

I wish for this, yogi tea! As far I know we do not have this wonderful creation in my corner of the world. I have read about it and since I am huge tea-lover I so wish to try it!

Is this tea really as lovely as they say? I believe it is!!

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Carrie Hayes sa...

I found this tea online and you can even get free samples. It is at www.yogitea.com If they dont ship to sweden let me know and I will order some and sent it to you once I get it. You can email me your address at viewofyouphoto@yahoo.com
Have a great day

Pearl sa...

what kind do you want? i'll buy and send some to you and then you can decide for yourself it is a wonderful tea! i'm a tea lover, too :)

Walker sa...

I have free shipping on Amazon.com and they carry this tea. Wonder if the free shipping includes Sweden? Just say the word Ida and we will give it a try.

Chris sa...

I haven't tried this formula and don't even know if they have it here in Illinois. But I do drink the Immunity tea almost every day, and I've had a few others too. Wonderful stuff!