söndag 11 januari 2009

You're back

Memories awoke today, days of a time gone by. I still remember your kindness and our talks but somehow we lost track of each other. That is very common you know so don't feel bad about it, I don't.

Lifes change, people change, we changed. I grew one way and you the other. Our friendship faded with the wind and after sometime you weren't there anymore, in the back of my mind like you used to. You were gone and all that existed was a gentle mist, fragments of dinners and talks we had shared years before.

When I saw you today, you appeared the same, like nothing had changed. I saw that familar light and your voice hummed just like I remembered it. You had been there all along obviously, and maybe I had too, perhaps without even knowing it.

Welcome back, dear friend.

2 kommentarer:

shilvia sa...

beautiful words...how sweet it is to have friends!!!

PJ sa...

Friendship is sometimes most present in its elusive nature.