lördag 24 januari 2009

Blue saturday

I am feeling blue today, some people just don't understand. A no is a no, that's it! When I say no I mean NO.

People act strange from time to time, especially men.

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Carrie Hayes sa...

Im sorry you are blue today! Are you enjoying your new camera? I hope something even if it is small makes you smile today!! Goddag!

Dan sa...

Hi Ida. I really like the creative way you have done your 'about me' photo!

Love your pictures today too. Really capture a blue and maybe lonely mood. As for your post, when I was a single man "no" was something of an irritation. However, now as a father of four girls I think it is probably the best word in the english language!

Seriously, every time you give away your heart you have less to offer to the one who you will truly love.

Faith sa...

Lovely photos, Ida.
And I agree..."No" means "NO!". Be strong. Hope all is well.

Pearl sa...

they seem to think that "no" may sometime mean "yes."

no, actually, no means no.

Gramma Ann sa...

Ida, dear,

Don't be blue, be PROUD of yourself! I agree with Dan. No! is the best word in any language, not just English. The pictures come through loud and clear. Ida is blue. Sorry, you are blue, but, like the old song goes, "don't worry, be happy" ♥ ♥ ♥

Hugs, Ann

omami sa...

feeling blue... I understand, these photos are so lovely, so delicate!!