tisdag 11 november 2008

It lingers

There is always something special about these moonlit nights.

I have had a rather good day today, I feel happy and this feeling have lingered on through out my whole day actually. I have spent most of it above the café studying while enjoying the smells from downstairs; newly baked cinnamonrolls, bread, today's lunch. If you only knew what a special place this is.

I'm planning to sit by the window for a little while now while basking in this moonlit glow. Maybe I'll even let some cool evening air in and allow the smells of autumn to fill this empty bedroom. Empty is the only word to describe it, but I know that Your bedroom is lacking something too..

1 kommentar:

Erin Sledd sa...

Sounds heavenly . . . you live above a cafe? Ahh . . . that would be the most delightful danger for me! The smell of cinnamon and baking all day . . . !