torsdag 27 november 2008

MISSING: inspiration

Oh my! I have lost my source of inspiration and my mind is blank. HELP!!! What do you do when your inspiration wanders away?

Tell me please! I need to hear it!

4 kommentarer:

Pearl sa...

i look out the window.

right now, it's raining.
but aside from the completely monotone grey of the sky and the stained concrete of the road, i find beauty.
because there's nothing like a cold winter day that doesn't evoke the calmness and tranquility within me.

you're so pretty ida - just look in the mirror for inspiration! :)

Anonym sa...

Man vet inte riktigt varifrån den kommer, men helt plötsligt är den där igen. Den kommer snart till dig igen. Var så säker. :-)

Själv kallar jag det "reflektion".

kendalee sa...

I look to the simple everyday things - inspiration sometimes wears a plain dress. And I write out my gratitude - 3 things that I'm grateful for every day. Inspiration and thankfulness seem to be quite close cousins. Where one is the other usually seems to appear... :)

shilvia sa...

oh no...i havent been around for a bit, so this comment would be a bit late, as i scroll up...i see enchanting images, so i'm guessing inspiration's back in progress...yes, ida??? :)