onsdag 26 november 2008


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Pearl sa...

where do you take all these beautiful pictures?

oh! i just saw your comment about the etsy account! sorry i didn't get back to you sooner about that - i didn't neglect you - how could i? such beautiful photography.

so there's this website called http://www.etsy.com

etsy is basically a website that sells hand-made stuff, whether it's clothing, toys, jewelry boxes, jewelry or art (including photography). it's a huge website.

i've seen some art pieces on etsy (whether it's water colored or photos), and people will charge for their art. it's a great website and i love to browse it, because then i know that if i buy this piece of art, only I will have it and no one else will have the exact same piece of hanging on their wall.

i think your photos speak volumes about your soul and spirit. i think if you signed up on etsy.com to be a seller (or just browsed around to see what type of things people are selling on there), you'd be a great hit. there is this boutique in san diego that loves etsy, and i think that if i showed them some of your art, she would go crazy. it's beautiful, it really is.

i hope that's a good description of etsy! if you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

i've purchased some items through etsy and i can guarantee you that the people on there are incredibly friendly, because it's just people who are selling what they love to do.

good luck ida :)