söndag 16 november 2008

Fragments lost in time

The world is against me folks, it really is. If you only knew.

Maybe I should just accept the
bitter fact that your arms no longer
are mine to hold and that
this safe haven that I have built for
my own security now is crushed like
a wave to the shore.

I am left with only memories of you,
fragments of a time gone by and
a scent of pine that softly lingers
in the wind.

I thought of your grace tonight and I remembered that afternoon in the forest when I cried against your shoulder and how the wind dried my cheeks. You were there, and I was too. Two lonely souls in the middle of nowhere, giving to each other what no one else ever could.

2 kommentarer:

shilvia sa...

sad sad story...beautifully written though :)

Anonym sa...

Hello, I jsut saw you have linked my photo blog, thank you and your welcom anytime!!