torsdag 13 november 2008

Moonlit branches

It's about time that I invest in a new camera. This photo is a painful reminder of that fact since everything ends up in a blurr. I really want to be able to capture beautiful moments like this.

I have had a nice night! It started off with some dinner at my grandmothers house, my aunt and her children dined with us and we got a little piano-moment afterwards since both of her children play the piano. Lovely it was!

And earlier today I took my camera for a walk and captured the icy branches around my house and down by the lake. This has been a fabulous day!

I am happy.

2 kommentarer:

Heather sa...

i like that it's adds to the mystery.

omami sa...

lovely moon, love the colors, thank you for visiting my blog in Canada, I can see you have snow!!