måndag 24 november 2008

The evening drive

I went for an evening drive tonight, to clear my head, but you were everywhere. I drove past that road where we used to meet, and for a second I almost hoped you would be there just like me, waiting in the snow.

I switched off the engine and stepped out into the night. I stood for a little while with my face turned upward glancing at the stars.

The evening chill almost froze me to the bone as I stood there in the darkness, dreaming of you. I couldn't help but remember how your soft voice used to rock me to sleep while you held my hand in yours.

Strange it is, how these starry nights can make one remember.

"Keep singing my love, for I will always be here to listen".

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Jättevackert! Far nog till skolan imorgon ändå, tar med mig ett gäng kakor så kom gärna du med! :)

Pearl sa...

ahh ida.. could you tell me who you're talking about?

it brings back memories of heartbreak and yearning.

shilvia sa...

its a mixed emotions when your mind suddenly starts remembering all these moments...glancing at the stars, how lovely!!!

Heather sa...

beautiful ida.