onsdag 2 september 2009

Coffee anyone?


Is it true that the coffee from McDonalds is the very best?

The whole idea with this shot was that all of you who uses coffee as a lifeboat during sleepy days would recongnize themselves.

The lifeboat sign is from a lake nearby and the empty coffee mug belongs to a friend. I thought it would be a perfect blend.

4 kommentarer:

Line sa...

I never tried it I mean McDonalds's coffee is new and improve, I like the way you shot this no way I won't live without coffee!!

Pearl sa...

very witty and beautiful.

Melissa sa...

I LOVE all your wonderfully beautiful photos here you have shared...you are certainly an inspiration!

Ida sa...

Thank you Melissa, Pearl and Line for your lovely comments!

I am not a coffeedrinker and I do just fine :P