tisdag 9 mars 2010


Dear friends, readers, I can't understand why you persist to linger here although my updates are pretty much zero. It flatters me though. Thank you.

I am moving, not my blog, but my home. Today decided to buy a bigger place for me and my creativity and I am very much excited. It is time and I know my heart will grow fond of this place, it even has a balcony where I can spend my early summer mornings and maybe grow some herbs.

But before I can move in I need to make some changes, new wallwapers, new color to a few walls and much more.

I will try to post some photos as I go.


3 kommentarer:

Jennifer White sa...

Congratulations on the new place....take time and prepare.

Chandana sa...


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Anna sa...

Hej Käraste kusin!
Ska du flytta, vad spännande!
Hur har du det annars? Det var alldeles för länge sen vi hördes. Du finnsalltid i mina tankar o i Hjärtat. Kramiz Anna