torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Thank you Rachel


Thank you Rachel for giving me this kind award, it warmed my very soul. I think y’all should pay her blog a visit!

The Creative Blogger award comes with two requirements: I’m supposed to pass it on to 7 people, but first, and I’m supposed to tell you all seven interesting (bizarre?) bits of trivia about myself.

Oh my gosh… here it goes:

1. I love wathcing horror movies even though they frighten me so much I have to sleep with my light on.

2. I can’t live without chocolate and pineapple pie. I simply can’t!

3. I love cooking, especially excotic and spicy food. I make a killer chicken wok!

4. I take my camera everywhere, I never leave my house without it. It’s a piece of me and if I don’t have it near I feel empty and hollow.

5. I often take long walks in the darkness, it calms my soul and I clear my head that way, it helps me sleep.

6. I am a hopeless romantic and 90 % of my day involves alot of daydreaming…

7. I love my work. They way the people light up like christmas trees when you walk in a room, they way you can make them happy but just listnening and being there. Working with people are the best decision I ever made.

Here are my seven nominies:

Carrie, a friend and a wonderful photographer and mother.

James, an amazing poet, his words make me dream.

Anneli,  for her amazing sense of clothing and tasteful recipies.

Melissa, for her natural talent and amazing shots and stories.

Claire,  for the way her words make my soul tremble. Her photography is like no other, personal and unique and shows of an amazing personality.

Rolling in sugar dust, a girl who shows wonderful talent in food photography. Her shots always make me hungry.

Glen, for his awesome captures. This guy really as the eye for the beautiful!

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