söndag 4 oktober 2009

Welcome snow


When I pulled up my curtain this morning I saw this – SNOW! The winter is here and although I am not quite ready, I like it.

6 kommentarer:

Melissa sa...

Very, very pretty! But seriously????

Line sa...

so soon, but beautiful!!

Kusin Anna sa...

Jag har två avundsjuka killar här hemma =0)

Anonym sa...

My favorite part of snow would be first thing in the morning when everything is white...there is silence!

Ida sa...

Melissa: YES! IT´s TRUE! =)

Line: Thank you so much and for always leaving such kind thoughts here.

Kusin Anna: Kom upp vetja!

Carrie: I agree to a certain point. Snow has always been connected with sad things in my life and as soon I see it my soul trembles.

Sandy K. sa...

Very beautiful...particularly the contrast of snow and ice on red leaves. I also love the patterns in the field, in the second shot.

I do NOT however, want to see this outside my window for a while:).