tisdag 17 augusti 2010

The burning


Yes it does burn, just like you said it would. My soul is on fire and the memories are all gone just like you. I lid them on fire, watching the ashes swirl for hours on end.

it’s quiet now.

6 kommentarer:

ÅM sa...

Vilken fin bild. Länge sen vi sågs.. <3

Maria Kågström sa...

Hej! Å vilka fina bilder du har på din blogg!

Anonym sa...

oh my gosh beautiful - it's been so long. how are you?

Ida sa...

ÅM: jo de va längesen, vi borde ses å äta kladdkaka nån dag :P

Maria: Taack! Hoppas läget är bra där nere hos dig!

Pearl: So lovely to hear from you! All is well here. How are things in san diego?

J. sa...

Catharsis, always something good to have.
Does burning works?

Balaphoto sa...

Great pictures!!! Congratulations!!!

Frank, Barcelona