lördag 9 maj 2009

The world of imagination

Me and friend painted a canvas yesterday and I have to tell you that things like this really stir the deep waters of my soul. We selected the theme summer and then started creating. Clouds that also were deep waters, sunflowers, birds and fantasy fishes, we gave them all life in our little painting.
I allowed mysef to get completely lost in the world of sticky colors and imagination.

6 kommentarer:

Kamana sa...

looks great, and i'm sure it was lots of fun too - especially doing it with a friend.

omami sa...

what a great project, love the colours!!!

Beatriz Kim sa...

Looks lovely! I've done that before. It's quite a cathartic experience!

Pearl sa...

oh my gosh - so not only are you talented in photography, but you're also a painter, as well!

Sandra sa...

Ja måste ju få se bilderna sen igår så ja vet om du få lägga ut nån där ja ä me :) Du kan väl skicka nån som du skulle vilja ha me.....maybe?! Fan, va dukti vi ä!

Ida sa...

Sandra: Jo jag ska skicka nå bilder till de :P Är föressten såå glad att vi ej gick in i fel hus.. :P

Pearl: I am in fact a terrible painter, but I like doing it since it brings out the little girl in me.

Beatrize: Thank you! Yes, painting can be really cathartic at times!

Omami: I like the colours too, it speaks loudly of summer!

Kamana: It IS fun! You must try it!