måndag 11 maj 2009

Not quite steady

I long, very much in fact. Yet I am experiencing some unsteadyness, like the ground shall begin to crack beneath my feet any minute and swallow me whole.
What a joy it would be to disappear, if only for a day or two, only to return with renewed faith and spirituality.
Maybe I should go.

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Beatriz Kim sa...

I would love to come too! Perhaps a getaway, where no one can find us? Where as nobody's we can prosper in faith? Just long enough to find goodness and feel uplifted to greater heights! Aah! If only we could!

If I could give you that wish, I would give it before myself. For the giving of it, would be my reward.

I hope you find your ground again! I will hope for you!

Ida sa...

Yes, Beatriz let's go away, I would take you to my favourite cliff by the lake and there we would sit. We could rest in complete silence and listen to the waves moving in.

Mary Sue sa...

Tack för din fina kommentar! Jag älskar din moln-serie... ser härligt och drömskt ut :)

Kamana sa...

those pictures are so restful. its only monday afternoon, and already i feel like i need the weekend to be here SOON!

christopher sa...

Ida, your post gave me this picture.

Flying Above Clouds

I followed updrafts
into the clear air above
the clouds. Bright Sun shines
without cover there,
but air is thin and so cold
in that clarity,
not like home, like you,
moist and warm citrus honey,
so I came back down.

Elisabeth sa...

Mkt fint!

Chris sa...

I understand this sensation and situation a bit, I think. I hope you regain your balance soon :)