onsdag 20 maj 2009

First time this year

I ate this years first strawberries earlier today! They were YUM!

BY THE WAY!!! Anyone who knows which template I must pick to get my shots extra extra LARGE like you see in some blogs? I have tried everything but nothing works

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Pearl sa...

i have no clue about the templates but i do love how your photos are presented right now! and those strawberries look luscious and sweet! yum :)

Poetikat sa...

Ada - download Windows Live Writer and you can do very large photos and then post them to your blog.

We are able to get organic California strawberries year-round, but only in June do we get the local ones. Yum is right!


Poetikat sa...

Whoops! Sorry, I meant IDA, not ADA.


Beatriz Kim sa...

Mmm...yummy! I just ate a bunch last week!

Thanks Poetikat, for the tip!

Mary Sue sa...

Why didn't you just ask me?

I've just found out that you change the width to lets say 500px (that's what I've started using), then you erase the whole line where it says how high the images should be. Finally you look for the line where it says s400 and switch it to s800.

You do all of these things it html after you've already uploaded an image in the usual way!

By the way, wasn't it you who told me that it was really simple to do that before when I asked you if you knew how to do that? Now I'm the one helping you out... kind of funny! :)

Mary Sue

Emma sa...

Fina bilder

Chris sa...

Strawberries are just so happy and summery, aren't they? :)